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If you, your child or your pet suffer an animal attack, dog bite or mauling, it can be very serious, especially when insufficient paperwork proving current rabies and other vaccinations is unavailable.


The treatments can be frightening, painful and expensive. In addition, dog bites and animal attacks can leave permanent scars and disfigurements.


Dogs are not the only animals that can injure someone. Cats, ferrets and birds can bite humans. Non-domestic cats living outside but owned by a human can bite or attack a human.



Defending liability in animal attacks


    If your animal is accused of an attack and your animal was provoked by a human or another animal, recovery of damages can difficult by the plaintiff.

    If a pet owner informs someone not to touch the pet and does not heed the warning, it is difficult for the plaintiff to recover damages.

    If the pet owner informs someone the pet is not always friendly but still allows the plaintiff to pet the animal, the owner could be liable.

    If the victim was trespassing on the animal owner's property and is injured, it is often difficult for the victim to receive compensation.


Why Leavell & Rivera, PLC can help

We will investigate if the owner of the animal has insurance to cover medical bills and other damages.


Often though, the animal's owner is a renter with no home owner's insurance nor assets to pursue. Under some circumstances, landlords can be held liable for animal attacks and dog bites if landlord negligence can be proven, normally via reports of ignored aggressive behavior and previous attacks. These cases can be difficult and we'll provide an honest assessment of the likelihood of a positive outcome.


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