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A DUI arrest in Phoenix, AZ is often a frightening event for most people as many people facing DUIs have never had charges brought against them previously. A DUI charge can wreak havoc on your life and knowing what to do when charges are filed is important.


DUI Laws In Arizona


In Arizona, anyone with breath alcohol content over .08 or under the influence and impaired by a chemical substance can be cited. A breath test (breathalyzer test) provides an approximate level and is not as efficient as a blood test in determining BAC. A urine test is often used as a last resort when the other two forms are not effective. Chemical substances include marijuana, prescription medication or cocaine.


What is implied consent?


When you receive your driver's license, you are consenting to providing blood, breath or urine tests should an officer suspect a DUI. If you refuse to take a BAC test and later are not found guilty of DUI, you can still have your license suspended for one year because you now refused to give consent.


If you refuse to take a breath test, an officer can receive a warrant by telephone and administer one against your will.


Charges by cities surrounding Phoenix include:


DUI - .08% to .14%


Extreme DUI

- blood alcohol content (BAC) exceeds 0.15%

- 1st offense 30


Super extreme DUI


Underage DUI - anyone under the age of 21


Felony DUI - multiple DUI convictions or if your DUI injures another person, an aggrevated DUI charge may be filed which is a felony.






Possible consequences Arizona cities can be the toughest in the country regarding DUI convictions. Mandatory jail time is a common result unless an alternative sentence is negotiated.


What an attorney can do


The attorneys at Leavell and Rivera will assist with the administrative portion dealing with your driver's license along with defending you in a criminal court for your DUI charge. We help you understand the process and will ensure you get the best outcome possible.


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