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Disagreements between renters (tenants) and landlords (or property managers) are common place and when a resolution cannot be made between the two on their own, a landlord tenant attorney can often help.


Some of the more common issues include:

     Security deposits

     Maintenance / habitability

     Criminal activities


     Fair housing complaints


Tips for renters


1.    know and understand rental laws and contracts for renting before signing a lease.


2.    Eviction typically occurs due to lack of rent payment or violating a portion of the contract. Evictions must follow set    procedures and deviation from these procedures often results in the eviction process starting over.


3.    If a landlord loses a property in a foreclosure, the tenant may file a lawsuit against the landlord.



To assist your attorney handling your matter, provide a copy of the lease agreement. The lack of a lease agreement can cause additional problems.


Landlords often have the most to lose when there is a dispute. Hence, it is wise to have an attorney review all existing contracts to help prevent disputes and future liabilities.


Residential tenants often have more protections than commercial tenants.


Landlords must provide written notice to a tenant facing eviction


If a tenant is evicted for failure to pay rent, a landlord may include a claim for past due rent.


Useful resources

Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act

Tenant's Rights Handbook

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