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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Phoenix

Nursing home facilities are highly regulated in Arizona but the state is often unable to monitor every facility to ensure infractions are not committed. Hence, nursing home neglect and abuse does occur.


We expect nursing homes to care for our loved ones the way we would. Family members, when nursing home abuse occurs, often feel guilt themselves. Family members often have a right to seek compensation and have the conditions at the facility improved.


Common situations for needing a nursing home abuse attorney in the Phoenix area:


    Falls during transfers from a bed or due to poor training or negligent supervision

    Medication mistakes due to poor record keeping or inadequate staff supervision which lead to over-medication, missed medications or incorrect medications

    Bed sores that develop rapidly from stage 1 to stage 4 and become septic. Pain and life-threatening infections can often result.

    Starvation or dehydration which can cause rapid weight loss, dehydration, fatal renal failure or death

    Sexual or physical assault


What to do:


If a loved one is injured at a nursing home, your first priority should be to remove him or her from the facility. Get your loved one medical treatment.


What a nursing home abuse attorney can do:


An experienced law firm like Leavell & Rivera, PLC  can assess the injuries, investigate the injuries and establish causal links between the injuries and the personal associated with the nursing home. Please do not hesitate in calling us to evaluate your case.

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