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Injuries that occur in the workplace can have a significant impact on a person's financial future and career.


Not surprisingly, employers and insurance companies try to limit the compensation to an injured worker. They may also choose to cover initial medical costs and lost time without filing a workers' compensation claim.


It is very important to understand your rights if you are injured while working and receive immediate medical evaluations to determine the severity of the injury.



Work related injuries often covered by workers' compensation insurance include:


    Back injuries

    Neck injuries

    Knee injuries

    Eye injuries

    Asthma or other pulmonary conditions

    Hearing problems

    Loss of use of limbs

    Disfigurement or scarring to the face, hands or         neck

    Carpal tunnel / repetitive trauma injuries

    Work-related emotional problems

    Work-related heart attack or stroke

    Construction accidents

    Asbestoses and dermatitis



Common issues that arise during workers' compensation claims include:


1.    Where you an employee at the time of the injury?

2.    Did the injury occur while working?

3.    What was the nature and severity of the injury?

4.    What benefits and insurance are available?

5.    Will a settlement be offered and should it be accepted?


Consult an attorney before accepting an offer from an insurance company or employer.


What an attorney can do

An attorney will inform you exactly what your rights are and if any settlement offer is fair.

If a workers' compensation claim is denied, an attorney can handle the appeals process.


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